Live Dealer $250 Welcome Offer

Live Dealer $250 Welcome Offer

What is the Live Dealer Welcome Offer?

If the first 24 hours of play results in a net loss while playing Live Dealer casino games on Betway, you will receive 25% of those net losses as cash funds on your account, up to a maximum amount of $250.

For example, if you lose $200 in the first 24 hours after opting into this promotion, you will receive 25% of those losses, or $50, back as cash funds.


How Do I Take Part in this Promotion?

The 25% of Live Dealer Net Losses as Cash Back up to $250 Welcome Offer is open only to new Betway customers who create a verified Betway account and make a minimum qualifying deposit of at least $10.00 within 7 days of creating their new Betway Account. Be sure to opt in to the promotion after making the qualifying deposit. Here are some other conditions that must be met to qualify.


(i)            This promotion applies only to net losses you incur playing live dealer games.

(ii)          The net losses are only totaled within the first 24 hours immediately following the Qualifying Deposit.

(iii)         The maximum cash back available for this Promotion is $250. You would need to suffer at least a $1,000 net loss during the play period.

(iv)         You must suffer a minimum net loss of $20.00 during the play period to receive cash back.

(v)          Only cash funds may be wagered on live dealer games; bonus funds and restricted funds are not eligible for live dealer wagering.

(vi)         Withdrawing any amount of funds from your account in the 24 hours following your qualifying deposit will automatically opt you out of this promotion and you will forfeit any cash back earned.


When Will I Receive My Cash Back from This Promotion?

Any cash earned from this promotion will be awarded within five (5) business days of the conclusion of the Play Period.


How Do I Opt Out of This Promotion?

In order to opt out of this promotion, please contact customer support prior to receiving your cash award.


 Live Dealer Welcome Offer | Terms of Use 

Terms of Use


Gamble Responsibly  

 Visit our Responsible Gaming page to implement and learn more about the responsible gaming options available to you.

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